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Fug Girls: Solange Knowles Doesn’t Wear Her Crazy to BCBG

BCBG was full of women who were once, are currently, or ought to be starlets on the CW. “God, it’s another little blonde person,” we overheard one already-cranky photographer groan to another, as (extremely little indeed) Katrina Bowden — wearing a white-and-blue minidress at least one size too large — took her seat alongside Olympic gymnast–Max Azria model Nastia Liukin, swimmer Amanda Beard, and a way fake-tanned Amanda Bynes (whose face is weirdly expansive compared to the rest of her). Country singer and former American Idol contestant Kellie Pickler swept in wearing a tight baby-pink sweater dress and what she may have imagined as a Marilyn Monroe coif, but it looked bizarrely more like wacky skater and velour enthusiast Oksana Baiul if she had been ejected from a wind tunnel. If her seatmate Joy Lauren (from Desperate Housewives) was at all frightened by this, it did not show, as they chatted cheerfully.

Privileged’s JoAnna Garcia also seemed perky, shooting us a huge smile for no reason whatsoever (maybe she could sense that sometimes we get sucked into reruns of Reba, her former show). We were also thrilled to see the talented Adrianne Palicki from Friday Night Lights getting a little Fashion Week love. The super-tall actress — seriously, we think we come up to her shoulder at best — seemed thrilled to be there. “It’s my first fashion show EVER,” she confided, wide-eyed, to a reporter. “I’m just getting into fashion, and I figured this was a great time and place to start.” When asked if being in town for Fashion Week threw a wrench into any Valentine’s Day plans, she faux-pouted and said good-naturedly, “Noooooo,” then confessed that a “very good friend” was flying in and they’d be each other’s valentines. We hope it’s Tim Riggins. That boy is a hot bowl of sex soup.

We were most stoked, however, at the news that fashion-impaired Solange Knowles would be making an appearance. But she defied her own reputation and left the Crazy in her closet, looking better-dressed than we’ve ever seen her in a leather jacket and what looked to us like a silver dress, all while seeming remarkably unperturbed to be the Lesser Knowles. We hope she was inspired by the cute cocktail frocks coming down the catwalk, but we’re putting our money on our girl only noticing the metallic gold C-3PO leggings every model sported. They’ll be perfect for making us all forget about anything Beyoncé might be doing.

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Fug Girls: Solange Knowles Doesn’t Wear Her Crazy to BCBG