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Fug Girls: Guess Who Got the Smoke-Machine Treatment at Phillip Lim

We learned all kinds of interesting things at Phillip Lim’s show Wednesday afternoon at the tent: (1) Kayne West owns, and wears, what appears to be parts of a marching-band uniform. (2) He’s getting pretty cozy with Amber Rose, the model he’s been squiring around this week. Clearly, their shared love of wacky eyewear means forever. (3) Rachel Bilson is engaged! (This final news thanks to an US Weekly reporter we bonded with while we were all waiting for Kanye to make his grand entrance.)

And grand it was. The runway was cleared. The lights were down. The music was silenced. The smoke machine was turned on (seriously). And we all sat quietly for a good five minutes before Kanye swanned out from backstage to take his seat, front and center, along with what seemed like 60 or 70 dudes, but what was probably only 3. Say what you will about Kanye. Dude seems to LOVE Fashion Week. It’s so refreshing to see someone who is clearly enjoying himself rather than complaining about what a slog it is to be ferried from front row to front row with only free Champagne and designer gifts to sustain him.

Also in the front row — and not complaining whatsoever — was Ugly Betty’s Becki Newton, who looked very smart in a beaded dress and a slim leather jacket. She was smack in the middle of Anne “Stylista” Slowey and Elle EIC Robbie Myers. Do we smell a cover? Down the row from Becki was Tim Burton’s former flame Lisa Marie, who looked pretty if a bit overdressed in a black strapless cocktail dress and an updo, and across the runway were Fashion Week regulars Leigh Lezark — looking as wan as ever and engrossed in a magazine — and Joy Bryant, who has become so ubiquitous that we are starting to suspect she might actually be living at Bryant Park. Joy, you can bunk with us if things are really that bad. Seriously. We’ll brush each other’s hair and lip-synch into hairbrushes. It’ll be fun.

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Fug Girls: Guess Who Got the Smoke-Machine Treatment at Phillip Lim