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Henry Holland Is Amused That Bloggers Find M.I.A.’s Grammy Dress ‘Skanky’

Henry Holland admits to having felt some trepidation when he heard that M.I.A. would wear one of his dresses at the Grammy Awards last night. The heavily pregnant singer chose a super-tight mesh mini with strategically placed polka-dot patches. “I was a bit worried about what the patch was going to cover with the belly involved, but she wore a little skirt with it,” Holland told the Cut by phone from his London studio. Holland is keen on gauging the proletariat’s reaction. “We are going through all the blogs and looking at all the comments people put about the dress. It’s quite amusing.” he said. Some took issue with how tight and see-through the dress was, “saying that she’s a skanky ho who couldn’t wait to get her baby about before getting back in the game!” he laughed.

One of only two in the world, Holland’s best friend and muse Agyness Deyn was seen wearing the other frock at Holland’s last London Fashion Week after-party in September (a different model wore it in the runway show, however).

Speaking of, Holland is currently busy working on his fall 2009 show, slated for February 24. He describes the new collection as “quite strong, graphic,” with “simple lines.” He continued, “The prints are based on the Pantone card and paint-sample cards. It’s still really bright, but it’s quite sophisticated. It’s very chic.”

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Henry Holland Is Amused That Bloggers Find M.I.A.’s Grammy Dress ‘Skanky’