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Klum, Kors Illuminate Next Season of Project Runway

Earlier this week, we ran into Tim Gunn, who seemed as confused about Project Runway as we are. Then today we talked to Michael Kors and Heidi Klum, who both seemed equally in the dark. Great, guys. This really helps.

Klum seemed to be the most clued-in. She said the season is running along just like normal, with the finalists and select designers having taken the last four months to work on their clothes. They’ll show the clothes on Friday, per usual. The only difference is that the audience hasn’t seen any of the episodes leading up to that triumphal Bryant Park debut and will have no one to root for.

Klum dropped the bomb that it will be “at least a couple of months before we air.” This, she said, “obviously is sad for the designers because they’ve really worked their butts off for so many weeks being on the show and normally, you know, this is their moment. That’s why they’re here, because they want to get the recognition at Fashion Week. Eventually they will, because once the show starts airing, people will know, but unfortunately on Friday, it won’t have that big of an impact for them because people are not going to be rooting for them because nobody knows them. So I feel most sad for them.”

Klum says they’ll trot out all of the show’s designers for the press to see, but that the ones showing won’t be taking a bow, in order to avoid spoiling the show’s outcome. In fact, she said, “we’re going to have to hide them.”

But if Klum is sad about the ongoing legal situation that has delayed the airing of any new Runway episodes, Kors seemed to be ecstatic. “I actually think it’s better. I think it’s great!” he said. “You know why? Because no one has a preconceived notion. You know what? You’re just going to sit there. I am, too. And you’re going to go, ‘You know what? I don’t know the back story of any of these people. I’m just going to go for the best-looking clothes.’“ Then Kors allayed our deepest fear regarding this season. How can a bunch of queens bitch about clothes if there’s no one to hear them? In other words, can bitchy commentary exist in a vacuum? “Oh yeah,” said Kors with a glint in his eye. “Bitchy commentary can always exist. Trust me.” We are SO relieved.

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Klum, Kors Illuminate Next Season of Project Runway