desperate times

McDonald’s Is Sponsoring Fashion Week

You never thought you’d see this, did you?

McDonald’s wants to get young, female tabloid readers hooked on its new McCafé coffee drinks, which sound like their version of Starbucks’ variously flavored lattes, mochas, whathaveyou. So they’re joining Mercedes Benz and Mattel as a major Fashion Week sponsor this season. McCafé products have been dubbed the “official coffee” of Fashion Week, which means when you need an espresso in the tents, you’ll have to turn to McDonald’s. Sadly, there will be those desperate, bleary-eyed moments when we’ll choke one down when no one’s looking. We can feel the thin, syrupy film on the roof of our mouths already.

McDonald’s hopes that by invading our greaseless tented sanctuary of fabulous young women who look at what people like the Olsens are drinking and normally don’t choose McDonald’s, women will get the idea that McDonald’s coffee is the way to go. We’re having a hard time imagining anyone at Fashion Week caught dead with McDonald’s anything, much less near cameras. We wonder if other potential coffee sponsors couldn’t cough up the same collateral as McDonald’s this season. Desperate times, after all.

McDonald’s Sends McCafe Onto Fashion Week Catwalks [Ad Age]

McDonald’s Is Sponsoring Fashion Week