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Richard Chai and Jim Moore Onboard for Target Menswear Lines

Watching Richard Chai’s luxe fall menswear collection on the runway on Saturday got the Cut thinking. Chai did a womenswear line for Target. Alexander McQueen is the latest big name to launch a Target line for women. Where’s the cheap and chic for men?

We put this question to GQ creative director Jim Moore, who immediately liked the idea. “I think we’re not giving men enough credit sometimes, and thinking they’re just looking for a basic sweater or T-shirt,” Moore said. “Especially at a price point of an H&M or a Uniqlo, they’re going to definitely experiment a little bit more and go for something that they might not normally wear.”

Moore quickly picked newer menswear designers like Rogue’s Gallery, Robert Geller, Shipley & Halmos, and Yigal Azrouël as perfect for Target. “These guys I think are kind of at a point where they do have the name, they’ve established themselves, they’ve been around for a couple of years,” Moore said. “Maybe it’s time to tap them for a men’s collection,” he said thoughtfully. “It’s a good idea! Let’s do this.”

We put the question to Chai after his show, and he was equally enthusiastic. “Target is an amazing corporation to work with, I would do it again in a heartbeat,” the designer said. “If they approach me for men’s, absolutely, I would do it in a minute.” The Cut wants a cut, please.

Richard Chai and Jim Moore Onboard for Target Menswear Lines