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Stalking Whitney and Olivia at DVF

We succeeded in getting a cameo on The City after crashing Diane Von Furstenberg’s after-party during the last Fashion Week. But the thrill wasn’t enough to last a lifetime, so we approached this afternoon’s DVF show with the same goal in mind. We didn’t spy Whitney, Olivia, or MTV cameras in the tent where the show was held, but the public-relations effort at work was a well-oiled machine, indicating they had to be somewhere. Backstage, perhaps?

Why yes! After the show, the backstage area was teeming with people in an almost-scary way, and it was there that we found Whitney in a corner talking to a man with an earpiece. A producer! And behind them was a camera crew. Score.

After they caucused for a good long while, the producer walked Whitney through the throng to a spot near where DVF was posing for photos and chatting with famous folk. Whitney had the same blank expression as always, but we’re guessing she was scared because the producer stayed at her side for a few minutes. “We’ll get a lead shot when this clears out,” he told her. Finally, he exited the frame and two cameras rolled on Whitney as she lollygagged, one hand latched onto an empty clothing rack. Riveting.

Eventually another crew member wrangled Whit’s better half, Olivia, whose curls were notably bouncy this afternoon, and escorted her into the shot. She and Whitney chatted jovially and even giggled together without looking like they wanted to claw each other’s faces off. Numerous photographers took pictures of the girls. “Oh, we can pose them?” one mused, surprised MTV allowed the ladies to be their famous selves while acting in a scene — er, working. Several well-heeled ladies stopped to congratulate Olivia, without whom the show would certainly be lost, while the rest of the PR team wrangled reporters and photographers, generally keeping things orderly. The girls even posed for photos with fans (getting backstage at the tents is as easy as walking), one of whom asked us to play camerawoman, which we did with honor.

Finally MTV was ready to shoot the “closer,” so the producers shoved Whitney and Olivia into a corner away from the flashbulbs. A producer gave a DVF higher-up instructions (on what to talk about, we presume), and they all stood so as to cheat the three cameras pointed at them. Even if in the end we don’t get a second cameo, we are content in knowing how small-screen magic is made. We can sleep soundly tonight, having witnessed reality at its most real.

Stalking Whitney and Olivia at DVF