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Behold: Thierry Mugler’s ‘Sasha Warrior’ Costumes for Beyoncé!

Oh, how to describe our excitement at getting a glimpse of Beyoncé’s Thierry Mugler tour costumes! We’ve been waiting for this moment for four months, yet deep down inside we feel like we’ve been waiting for it our entire lives. Looking at these images has brought us to a moment of Zen, perhaps best put into words by Mugler, who says the costumes are rooted in the songs’ meanings: “Feminine. Free. Warrior. Fierce.” She’s not just Sasha Fierce anymore. She’s Sasha Feminine. Sasha Free. Sasha Warrior. And with that, Sasha Warrior Beyoncé has out-diva-ed herself more than she did writing a song about being a diva — the one that they call a queen — and needing them bags uh that money.

Working on the tour has turned the already ingenious Mugler into a Beyoncé scholar. “Sasha Fierce is another aspect of Beyoncé’s personality,” Mugler told WWD. “She is Fierce on stage and Beyoncé in real life. I tried to understand these two sides with my own perception of both aspects.” The outfit above embodies these two sides. WWD explains the particular significance of the metal glove that won’t go away:

It imagines Beyoncé as a tough, chic, superheroine type who likes her power glam with a bit of froth; hence, the bow bustle and mismatched gloves that pair lacy fishnet with articulated metal.

That sentence reminds us of papers we wrote in college for literature courses. If only our school had offered a course in Beyoncé: The Late Years, taught by Professor Thierry Mugler. “There will be a lot of dramatization and metamorphosis on stage,” Professor Mugler adds. Stop.

That square weave is totally Sasha Warrior.Photo: Courtesy of Thierry Mugler

The tour kicks off today in Edmonton, Canada. (Every diva needs a practice country to work out the kinks before coming to New York. Kidding!) Maybe she’ll go warrior-diva moose hunting with a bow and arrow while she’s up there.

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Behold: Thierry Mugler’s ‘Sasha Warrior’ Costumes for Beyoncé!