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Jil Sander Lurking Around Fabric Fairs; Gaultier Mud Fight Explained

• Rumor swirling around the Paris shows is that Jil Sander, who exited fashion in 2004, is readying for a comeback. She won’t comment but she was spotted at last month’s Première Vision fabric fair. Then again, maybe she just wanted custom bedding or something. [WWD]

• For the finale of Jean Paul Gaultier’s show, Coco Rocha had a fur-clad mud fight with French actress Bojana Panic. They got so dirty they had to take long showers when it was over. S&M “goddess” Betony Vernon, who broke up the fight onstage, said, “[W]e didn’t know what the gestures should be, and I said to Jean-Paul, ‘I don’t think this should be very violent or erotic’ … It should be very peaceful in fact. But the whole feeling of the show was kinky and erotic which I loved!” [Fashion Week Daily]

• The spring issue of Bergdorf Goodman’s magazine includes a conversation between Marc Jacobs and Victoria Beckham. Hot salty nuggets include this from Victoria: “The problem is, when you are well-known in the tabloids, and you’re trying to break into a new industry, it makes it very difficult, because people get preconceptions, and so everybody thinks that I am a miserable bitch who goes shopping every day.” [WWD]

• New York drag queen Lady Bunny is at Paris Fashion Week to D.J. Barbie’s 50th-anniversary party at Colette. “I’ll be Eating-Disorder Barbie,” she said on the front row of Viktor & Rolf. [WWD]

• It seems model Lily Cole’s tax return is long overdue. [Grazia]

Jil Sander Lurking Around Fabric Fairs; Gaultier Mud Fight Explained