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Marc and Lorenzo Got Engaged and Bought an Apartment

After months of talking about it, Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone are engaged. They’ve been dating and behaving adorably together in public for about a year, and no wedding date has been set. According to WWD — which last night sent out a special news flash with this life-changing information — the couple plan to “go public” with the news today by arriving in Lorenzo’s native Brazil wearing rings. Because it’s not like they’ve already gone public with their many shameless-yet-charming public displays of affection on the red carpet, or separately stating that they want to marry each other or anything. The rings will give it all away.

The couple have also just purchased a $13 million 4,500 square-foot townhouse on Bethune Street in the West Village, the New York Post reports, complete with a private garden and roof terrace. Nothing warms the heart like two people who really love each other with a brand-new $13 million West Village townhouse to move into. Congrats, guys!

Now how shall we combine their names to officially inaugurate them into the elite-couples club TomKat and Brangelina belong to? MarLo is probably the best option, but is there any way we can make the semi-pun Menzo happen?

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Marc and Lorenzo Got Engaged and Bought an Apartment