What’s New in the World of Sean ‘Puckface’ Avery

We can probably all agree that hockey player Sean Avery has been out of the non-sports-sections of the news for too long. Leave it to the New York Times’ “Sunday Styles” section to fill that void. What’s new with our favorite — and possibly the wealthiest and oldest — ex-Vogue-intern of all time? He’s taken up meditating to manage his anger. (In 2007 he was voted “most hated” player on the ice; his antics during game play inspired a new rule; and you probably remember when he called ex-girlfriend Elisha Cuthbert “sloppy seconds,” which resulted in his suspension.)* He took his ex-co-workers from Vogue to an American Museum of Natural History benefit last Thursday. And the movie based on him inspired by his internship at Vogue now has a working title: Puckface.

And now that his suspension is over and he’s back playing for the New York Rangers after a stint with the Dallas Stars, he’s getting fashion people into hockey. He sits front row at fashion shows, they sit, well, somewhere at the ice rink. “He’s made me a big fan of hockey now,” Narciso Rodriguez told the Times. Guests at last Sunday’s game included Narciso, Kirsten Dunst, Marie Claire editor Joanna Coles, and Beatrice Inn owner Matt Abramcyk. Interesting! The Vogue pack was absent. Not that we can blame them — we avoid sports at all costs, too (with the rare exception made based on hotness of the players, but even so that’s usually at the gym when we can’t change the channel and have no choice but to either stare at soccer or Rachel Ray).

Avery says he wants to launch a line of designer athleticwear one day. “’There’s a few that do it like Y-3 and obviously Stella McCartney,” he said, “but I think there’s maybe a gap in there I could get into.’” Of course there’s always room for Seany in the fashion world! Anything to keep Kanye West’s ego in check.

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*Let this in no way imply we are in any way knowledgeable about hockey, or sports in general.

What’s New in the World of Sean ‘Puckface’ Avery