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ALERT: President Obama in Dire Need of Khaki Pants, Polo Shirts

The First Family running on the White House lawn with their new Portuguese water dog, Bo, made for the perfect photo op. Perhaps a little too perfect. For today, WWD calls out a glaring problem with the whole situation: Barack wore a suit. You never would have known the president wearing a suit would turn out to be the No. 2 sartorial issue on Capitol Hill — after Michelle Obama’s arms — but thank goodness these trade papers exist to point out what we never would have thought to make an issue of (they probably learned it from the Times). The problem with the suit, you see, is that it shows how Barack misuses his formal attire. For where is his sportswear? From WWD:

His suit has reduced him to a harried butler — the help. The image of Obama running in a suit prompted comparisons to — wait for it — President Nixon, who used to run on the beach with his dog in a suit. For Nixon, this “reinforced his reputation as a man disconnected from the world around him.” On the other hand, some argue that Obama’s suit shows “his pragmatism, his ability to adapt to the present moment — be it political or canine.” Yet, WWD can’t help but note, none of these people condone the suit as acceptable dog-walking attire.

Critics don’t like how we only see Obama in suits or “post-collegiate” gym clothes. So Michelle, a great task is now on your shoulders. Please, save your husband from further worldwide embarrassment. Take him to J.Crew.

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ALERT: President Obama in Dire Need of Khaki Pants, Polo Shirts