National Enquirer Reminds Us That Yigal Azrouël Is Attractive

Billy Joel’s wife, Katie Lee, has been dressed quite a bit by Yigal Azrouël for about a year. In the National Enquirer’s mind, that translates to a “cozy relationship” that, claims the tab, has Billy Joel worried. A source “close to the situation,” as they say, says that “Billy initially thought Yigal — being a male fashion designer — was gay. But when someone told him the guy was heterosexual and had women hanging all over him, Billy began to worry.”

We have seen Katie and Yigal at events together many times and have never suspected anything beyond a platonic relationship. That said, Yigal is that rare thing — a straight, hot, male designer. When he comes out to bow after his shows, girls in the audience squeal over how fine he is. He’s also foreign and accented, which only makes him sexier. If Katie were too “cozy” with him, she would be living out the nighttime fantasies of Condé Nast and Hearst assistants around the world.

Of course, we have no idea whether she is. And if reporting that Billy Joel is worried about his wife hanging out with Yigal is the best the Enquirer can do, neither do they.

BILLY JOEL WIFE A CHEAT? [National Enquirer]
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National Enquirer Reminds Us That Yigal Azrouël Is Attractive