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Are You Excited About Harem Pants? Or Just Plain Terrified?

Sure, it snowed this morning, but it’s April 8, which means spring is here — in spirit if not in precipitation. So it’s time to get the spring duds ready. One of the season’s most ubiquitous and infamous trends are the trousers with a droopy crotch and tapered leg dubbed “harem pants.” Harem pants come in varying degrees of crotch droopiness, but the rule seems to be that you should at least be able to hide your boyfriend’s wallet in there for them to fit into the category. And of course, some harem crotches are so extreme they droop far enough down for you to hide an umbrella in there, too. But is this a good look? Are designers geniuses for identifying the crotch and upper-thigh area as an ideal place for extra fabric to lump up and flap about? Our instinct is to say probably not, considering that 0.0000000000000000001 percent of the population would look truly good in such a style — you know, models. But the harem pant has evolved over several seasons, and now all sorts of styles have gone from the high-fashion runways to stores where real people shop, like Zara and Topshop. The Guardian found the style pictured here (center) at Mango.

When a piece of clothing requires clarification, you know you’re in trouble. On first look, this new item from Mango (below) was taken for an innocent skirt. But further inspection revealed it to have leg holes, hovering in line with the hem. It looked like a denim nappy — then word reached us it was a harem-pant-short.

They’re right — those shorts are horrifying. In fact, we wouldn’t even call them shorts, since they’re closer to a denim diaper. But that’s not to say harem pants can’t look nice, right? That there aren’t lots of people in the world genetically blessed and trendy enough to pull off such a style and make you think, “Hey! I need pants that can hide a magazine, sunglasses, and a small child, too!”? What say you, commenters? Harem pants: yay or nay?

Has the dropped crotch reached its nadir? [Guardian UK]

Are You Excited About Harem Pants? Or Just Plain Terrified?