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Bravo Green-lighted a New Project Runway–esque Show

Bravo is about to unveil a new show to advertisers concocted to fill the void left by Project Runway. What’s that? You thought they already took care of that with their new program The Fashion Show, judged by Fern Mallis and Isaac Mizrahi, in which designers compete to have their clothes sold at retail, as chosen by viewers? Wrong! The new show is called Launch My Line and Reuters describes it thusly:

Originally titled “Celebrity Sew Off,” the series features a group of famous faces vying to launch their own clothing line. Each contestant will be paired with a fashion design expert who will help realize the celebrity’s creative vision.

So Bravo’s fashion-competition reality shows are spawning. And just like the Real Housewives series, it isn’t pretty. The New York Housewives were fine and well, but then came the highly questionable Atlanta Housewives. And now Bravo is threatening to unleash the Real Housewives of New Jersey on us. And we fear this blog post isn’t powerful enough to stop it. But the point is, we have worked diligently to disavow celebrity clothing lines. And now Bravo is not only giving them a stage, but business advice, with the very scary possibility that the only celebrities they’ll be able to cast will be of Bret Michaels quality. And his style is not okay.

That said, we would totally watch if they could wrestle New York away from her VH1 contract.

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Bravo Green-lighted a New Project Runway–esque Show