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Can Bravo’s New Fashion-Reality Lineup Make Up for Project Runway?

How do you know Bravo is freaking out about losing Project Runway to Lifetime? It’s rolling out, like, a hundred new fashion-based reality shows. Yesterday we learned that those include a fashion-reality-competition show for celebrities who want to become designers. And we were disgusted. But! Bravo has some other new shows that might make up for it. Including a behind-the-scenes look at Kelly Cutrone’s professional and personal life as a fashion-PR bigwig in Kell on Earth. After Kelly thoroughly embarrassed Allie on The City and Stephanie Pratt on this week’s episode of The Hills, we can’t wait for a series that could be all about Kelly embarrassing dumb twentysomething girls.

Also of interest in Bravo’s new lineup: Secret Life of Supermodels. In this reality show, Carol Alt, Maggie Rizer, Frederique Van Der Wal, Mariel Hemingway, Irina Pantaeva, and Patricia Velasquez play a group of “close friends” that “comes together to deal with work and relationships outside of the modeling world.” Sure, these women aren’t booking the cover of Vogue, but they could be fun to watch in a Real Housewives, my-new-skin-care-line-is-better-than-yours kind of way.

And then there’s a show about ex–Project Runway contestant Laura Bennett, which will follow her as she raises six kids, chases her dogs around, has a husband, designs clothes, and somehow does her hair and makeup every day. So it’s like the Redbook of reality TV. Or the Shear Genius of the season. You feel like it should be good, but when you watch, you realize Bravo hasn’t given you a compelling-enough reason to care.

Bravo Bravely Imagines Life After “Runway” [de Moraes on TV/WP]

Can Bravo’s New Fashion-Reality Lineup Make Up for Project Runway?