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Chanel Iman Doesn’t Need Pants

The sun sets on the horizon at the South Street Seaport as revelers flood a glitter-flecked red carpet flanked by dozens of men and women in sailor costumes. The crowd is boarding a neon-lit boat to celebrate the launch of Matthew Williamson’s H&M line. Chanel Iman wanders, sheepishly, onto the carpet.

The Cut: What are you wearing?
Chanel Iman: [A beat] It’s not H&M.
Cut: It’s okay, a lot of people aren’t wearing H&M.
CI: No, it’s Topshop! Ahhh … I would have worn H&M if I knew I was coming here earlier! But I just sort of got out of the car. I had on pants earlier, but I just took them off.

And scene.

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Chanel Iman Doesn’t Need Pants