Get a Hills-ian Pedicure, Earth Day Beauty Bonanzas

Your feet can look just like LC’s!

• Pedicure tips based on the ladies from The Hills. Oh goody! [Glamour]

• A roundup of ecofriendly products that actually work, as opposed to the kind that just claim to be organic and environmentally kind. [Fashionista]

• In more earthy beauty news, L’Oréal announces plans to cut its greenhouse emissions in half by 2015, and cut its water use. If only every day were Earth Day. [WWD]

• Haven’t had enough on the earth-friendly beauty tip? Good, because there’s more! From face powder to fragrance to shampoo, the Times finds three products that help give back to the planet. [The Moment/NYT]

• You know those non-FDA-approved diet pills with silly names like Perfect Slim and Slim Waist Formula? They were recalled. Shocking, we know. [FDA]

• It’s Wednesday. Must be turquoise eye shadow day! [Styleist]

Get a Hills-ian Pedicure, Earth Day Beauty Bonanzas