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Johnny Depp Uses Dep Gel; Big Hair Is Back

• The secret to controlling Johnny Depp’s locks? Dep gel and Aqua Net. Men do like products. [Star]

• Speaking of Aqua Net, big hair is in! If celebs like Drew Barrymore and Elle MacPherson are any indication, size does matter. [WWD]

• Want a plump, luscious pout? Use a … lip pump? It works by bruising the lips. Fun! [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

•Can $9 foundation work as well as pricier stuff? Yes, says this blogger. Recession beauty! [Beauty Snob]

• The best de-puffing eye cream is Bioré, according to Self. See what else they picked. [CBS]

• We may do some crazy things to stay beautiful, but it’s nothing compared to what we used to do. Check out the scary-looking gadgets of yore that women willingly utilized. Botox ain’t lookin so bad now, is it? [Newsweek]

Johnny Depp Uses Dep Gel; Big Hair Is Back