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Lindsay Lohan Now Making Panty Hose

What is this outfit?

How often do you see photos of Lindsay Lohan wearing genuine pants? A handful of times a year? Usually she wears clingy tank tops or minidresses that barely cover her rear, with nothing more than leggings or tights. So it makes sense that she’d expand her 6126 leggings line to panty hose. The category will include five styles of hose in matte and shiny blacks and nudes with a shaping component (read: the always-sexy control top). One pair will be white-and-black, perhaps like the tights Chanel showed for spring 2009 (Lindsay’s padded leggings were inspired by Chanel handbags). The hose will launch at Intuition in L.A. in July and then in other stores.

We’re a bit frustrated, since this will do nothing to bolster our Tights Are Not Pants campaign. Lohan will wear her new panty hose for promotional purposes, and the chances of her pairing them with legitimate dresses are slim. Like Lady Gaga, she will probably only further the belief that tights can serve the same purpose as pants. We don’t know if we’ll ever be able to accept butt cheeks as the new boobs.

Lindsay Lohan Adds Hosiery to 6126 Line [WWD]

Lindsay Lohan Now Making Panty Hose