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Now Arnold Scaasi Has a Problem With Michelle Obama’s Clothes

Oscar de la Renta had to go on The View to quiet the backlash he received for his comments about the clothes Michelle Obama wore on her trip to Europe. So you’d think other designers Michelle doesn’t wear, who take issue with her clothing choices, would keep their mouths shut. But not Arnold Scaasi, who is famous for dressing Barbra Streisand in that see-through sequined pant ensemble for the 1969 Academy Awards and who just mouthed off about MObama’s wardrobe:

“She’s great looking, she has a great personality and she’s obviously very bright … But … something is amiss. Obviously, she doesn’t have the right advice at this moment. [She should] pick some designers and deal directly with them.”

“As [the wife of] the head of the most important country in the world, you must dress at some points according to protocol,” he stressed, in response to her perceived gaffe by wearing a cardigan rather than a jacket to meet the Queen, whilst conceding, “[but] you don’t have to be conventional.”

Oh, these designers are giving us a headache. By that logic, isn’t wearing a cardigan instead of a jacket not conventional? And what if this now absurdly famous sweater had been an Arnold Scaasi sweater, hmmm? Scaasi, whose clothes Michelle Obama doesn’t wear, has dressed First Ladies Mamie Eisenhower, Jackie Kennedy, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush. Maybe he wants an invitation to the White House to confab with and dress MObama. Or maybe he just wants an invitation to appear on daytime television to publicize his upcoming retrospective at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

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Now Arnold Scaasi Has a Problem With Michelle Obama’s Clothes