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Rachel Zoe Is Taking Over the World

Apparently Rachel Zoe is a worldwide celebrity. Her reality show The Rachel Zoe Project has just been picked up in the U.K. It is also airing in Canada, Finland, Asia, Sweden, and Norway. It’s truly a fabulous vehicle to give the rest of the world a glimpse at this great nation’s fashion community. Vintage binging, buying new $10,000 couches that look exactly like your current two-year-old couch, furry vests, freaking out over blog posts — pure class, pure taste, pure style. Zoe is excited about the show airing in London, which she calls the “epitome of street-chic cool.”

In other Zoe news, the stylist is still working on her clothing line — the one that prompted her to threaten legal action against a local artist for making an ironic Zoe-inspired T-shirt (he has since ceased and desisted). She said she designs the products, and “anything I’m putting my name on has to be something I would wear myself, something I would want to promote and be proud of, and something I would want to see people wearing.” In that case, we better not see any pleather, sister!

Zoe also shot down reports that she put an ad on Craigslist for an assistant. “I would never do that. I have a full staff and about five interns right now,” Zoe said. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.” Gosh, obviously Zoe would never put something on a free site like Craigslist. She would use the fabulous, vintage, couture job-listing service that costs $25k per ad.

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Rachel Zoe Is Taking Over the World