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Wait — Drama on The Hills Is Fabricated?

Tonight, the sixth season of The Hills premieres on MTV. It’s Lauren Conrad’s last season, and she tells the L.A. Times she’s relieved to be walking away from the show. Now she can wear backless ensembles and white, have a relationship with a boy that goes somewhere, go to lunch with her friends spontaneously, and eat the food she orders. Also, she won’t have to deal with the show’s creator, Adam DiVello, her relationship with whom she calls “weird.” She doesn’t like how he stirs up drama on the show, like he did for tonight’s episode about her birthday party.

After Montag showed up unannounced to the birthday party airing tonight, Conrad informed the producers she’d be taking a week off immediately as payback.

“He’s a genius, and I have a lot of respect for the show he’s created … but we’ve had a lot of arguments,” she said. “They’d put us in situations we didn’t want to be in. There were times I’d take my mike off and just stop.”

If the other situations Conrad alludes to are equally as terrible as the birthday fiasco, we shudder to think what happened. Maybe DiVello forced her to hold another pool party for Audrina. Or got Stephanie liquored up and encouraged her to make out with Doug right in front of Lauren, which she did with hardly any encouragement at all. Seriously Lauren’s life could only be worse if she were fighting terrorists in Afghanistan.

MTV is unsure if it will continue the show without Conrad. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt hope it will (because without the show, the only careers they’d have would involve wearing polyester uniforms and serving tacos). “I don’t know that we need her,” Montag said. So we guess they’re not friends again!

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Wait — Drama on The Hills Is Fabricated?