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Donatella Versace a Blogging Virgin No Longer

Over a year ago Donatella Versace told Suzy Menkes, “I don’t do the Internet — but I can do it through my team.” She’s come a long way in these fourteen months, evidenced by her first-ever blog post on the Huffington Post this morning about her experience at Saturday’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Welcome to the fold, Donatella! We always knew we had more in common with her than skin color, hair color, buxom proportions, and an affinity for purple luggage. She begins, “This is my first ever blog, so I forgive me if I make any ‘blogosphere faux pas.’” No faux pas ensued, but merely a thoughtful take on that evening’s events, and an overarching relief that George Bush is no longer in office. Donatella, whose spring 2009 men’s collection was inspired by “the type of man Barack Obama represents,” immediately noticed those in attendance at this dinner weren’t glued to their BlackBerrys — a “pet hate” of hers. “Its obvious to me that this is a President people want to listen to because what he says is interesting,” she continues. Apparently, her dislike of Bush once extended to all Americans:

Speaking from a European point of view, it is no exaggeration to say that it had got to the point where many in Europe regarded America as the enemy — and Americans were people we didn’t even want to look at. It was almost as if the Europeans were simply against America and Americans. This was wrong, of course, and a result of the fact that there was confusion in our minds between the American people and the American administration.

Emphasis ours. And that is reason enough to be proud of our new choice of POTUS— economy, wars, and all else Obama needs to fix aside. But back to what we have in common with Donatella, she notes how glamorous the Obamas are, something we’ve been obsessed with for months.

The key to this administration’s appeal is, I think, that it’s so energetic and positive, and (yes, one of my favourite words) glamorous! The first lady looked beautiful. It was so great to see a President’s wife in a hot pink dress, a jewelled necklace with a pink flower and purple eye shadow. Great hair, great make-up — this is what we want to see: confidence.

She was also “amazed” by Rahm Emanuel and He of Hideous Ties, Tim Geithner, because they walked around looking “relaxed.”

Rahm was carrying his jacket slung over his shoulder.These people look like they know what they are doing. They don’t need to put on an attitude to impress people.

Normally people don’t gush over Michelle and Tim and Rahm’s style in the same blog post — leave it to a blog novice to break the rules. We just hope her amazement doesn’t translate to a Geithner-inspired runway collection. That we’re not ready for.

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Donatella Versace a Blogging Virgin No Longer