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FDA Recalls Hydroxycut; UV Lamps at Nail Salons May Cause Cancer

• The Food and Drug Administration issued a recall of fourteen Hydroxycut products, and they are warning people to stop taking the over-the-counter diet drug immediately. Hydroxycut has been linked to 23 reports of liver problems, jaundice, and now, at least one death. [Yahoo]

• The campaign for the five new D&G Anthology fragrances — which were inspired by tarot cards — features a steamy mix of supermodels. Mario Testino shot Claudia Schiffer, Eva Herzigova, and Naomi Campbell, as well as male models Fernando Fernandes, Noah Mills, and Tyson Ballou. And they’re all naked. Now that’s good fortune. [WWD]

• Anne Hathaway dances to Róisín Murphy’s “Ramalama (Bang Bang)” song in the new commercial for Lancôme’s Magnifique. [Just Jared]

• UV lamps used to dry nails at salons are coming under fire for possibly causing skin cancer and tumors. Two cases of cancer due to nail salons have been reported so far. The University of Texas is investigating, but you kind of suspected the lamps weren’t good for you, right? [Daily Mail]

• After spending sixteen minutes in a tanning bed unsupervised, a 10-year-old girl has burns on 70 percent of her body. Medics said that if she had stayed two more minutes, she would need to have skin grafts. But she ran out of money and couldn’t go for longer. The girl is not allowed in the sun for ten years. We don’t even know where to begin with this. [Independent UK]

• Prince Harry admitted in a bar that he hasn’t washed his hair in two years. First R-Patz, now Harry. Is it a Brit thing? [Telegraph UK]

FDA Recalls Hydroxycut; UV Lamps at Nail Salons May Cause Cancer