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Loree Rodkin Wants to Sell Her Business

The necklace? Loree Rodkin.

Is Michelle Obama’s jeweler selling out? Loree Rodkin, known of late to many as the First Lady’s go-to for diamonds and baubles, is considering putting her business on the market, according to the Wall Street Journal. Rodkin said she’d like to find a buyer for her $12 million company, but she’d stay on as designer. Before anyone starts clamoring that this is a bad idea in this market, the article points out that the biz has no debt, there’s a licensing deal in place in Japan, and Rodkin is a fixture among Hollywood stars. (She’s a former talent agent.) For those who aren’t familiar with Rodkin outside of Obama’s necklaces, drop earrings, and bangles, she’s known for her high-end skulls, crosses, and various rock-and-roll items. Michelle O. just happens to wear the more mainstream pieces.

The article, of course, leaves the juiciest tidbit until the end. The jewels Rodkin loaned to Rihanna on Grammy night are still being held as evidence.

Can Jeweler’s Celebrity Chic Entice Investors? [WSJ]

Loree Rodkin Wants to Sell Her Business