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Rihanna’s Met-Gala Ensemble Explained, Somewhat

Rihanna last night, and Madge at the gala.

The puffy-sleeved Dolce & Gabbana tux Rihanna wore to the Met gala was not her first choice of outfits. She originally had her eye on Madonna’s thigh-high Louis Vuitton boots. However, Madonna got to them first. Obviously, no two divas can wear the same thing to the illustrious Oscars of the East Coast, and when it comes to divas, Madonna takes precedence over Rihanna. Rather than pull another Vuitton look, Rihanna, as you know, went with the Dolce tux. “Page Six” thinks Madonna did RiRi a favor. But we think she would have been better off in the boots and a froufrou dress. That said, we admire her fearless willingness to wear shoulders that looked to have been inflated with a tire pump on the red carpet.

Rihanna did get her Louis Vuitton moment last night, however. She wore a different pair of Vuitton boots to an event in New York, along with a froufrou fall 2009 dress also by Vuitton (see it on the runway here). Could this pink number have been what she wanted to wear to the ball? It sure beats some of the stuff she’s been wearing lately. She has a tendency to pile on 500 strange pieces at a time, like the bat-girl jacket, Rodarte stockings, arm warmers, and mullet denim shorts she wore all at once the other day. This look is minimal for her.

Rihanna towers over diminutive Kylie in her kinky boots [Daily Mail]
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Rihanna’s Met-Gala Ensemble Explained, Somewhat