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Who Had the Best Hair and Makeup at the Met?

• Who had the best hair and makeup at the Met gala last night? We vote Kate Bosworth, but Anne Hathaway and Helena Christensen looked lovely, too. [Beauty Department/Glamour]

• The new commercial for Chanel No. 5 starring Audrey Tautou, which cost over $4 million to produce (and is being advertised on this site), finally launched on Chanel’s website today. [ChanelN5 via Sassybella]

Brooke Shields told More magazine, “I always find it funny that so much skin-cream advertising features, like, Jessica Alba. She’s gorgeous and 12!” A 12-year-old with a baby, Brooke. [NYP]

• What would Kat Von D look like without tattoos? She covered her whole body with concealer from her own cosmetics line sold at Sephora to sate the world’s longing for an answer to that question. [Beauty and the Blog/Sephora]

• Designer Lela Rose created a makeup bag for It’s filled with $150 of makeup and comes free with any purchase over $100. [BellaSugar]

Who Had the Best Hair and Makeup at the Met?