Astronauts Are So Hot Right Now

Buzz shills Omega watches. Louis Vuitton models — himself included — are enthralled.

Astronauts are having a moment. Not hot, new young astronauts, but those who made history decades ago. Take for instance, the new Louis Vuitton campaign starring Buzz Aldrin, Sally Ride, and Jim Lovell. The ads mark the 40th anniversary of the Apollo 11. Louis Vuitton has also launched a spiffy new website to drum up excitement for their new (space) faces. Buzz Aldrin’s fashion prowess extends beyond the Louis Vuitton brand to Omega watches. Earlier this week he appeared in the Omega store on Fifth Avenue to help launch the new, limited-edition Speedmaster Apollo 11 Moon Watch. Apparently he wore a Speedmaster on the moon, making it the first and only moonwalking timepiece.

The rise of astronauts in the fashion spotlight makes perfect sense considering the retro-futuristic influences of the fall collections. Balmain, Karl Lagerfeld, and Preen all showed clothes that looked to be inspired by the Jetsons or old Star Trek costumes. And now, Louis Vuitton and Omega are banking on the faces of the moon to sell product. Thus, we may conclude that astronauts are hot right now. Mostly Buzz Aldrin, but still.

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Astronauts Are So Hot Right Now