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Chanel Iman Falls Down Sometimes, Texts Kanye West

Model Chanel Iman attended’s party last night to celebrate a list of the top 25 women in fashion, compiled in part by Kanye West and Sean Avery. It may be a recession, but a fancy party held to celebrate a list can never be too extravagant. Chanel didn’t make Kanye’s list, but she came to support the cause and her friend Kanye. Our conversation with her was most memorable.

Kanye West and Sean Avery just came up with a list of the top 25 women in fashion. Who is the most glamorous woman you know?
Me! It’s not me, though. In a couple of years, I’ll be the most glamorous woman, hopefully.

Where do you want to be in a couple of years?
A glamour woman. Just glamorous.

What do you think men look at when they judge fashionable women?

I say boobs and tits. I also say the eyes. I think the eyes are very seductive.

Do you think they look at a specific fashion item on a woman?
The shoes — guys look at the shoes, how bad your heels are.

How high were the tallest heels you’ve ever worn?
I think the higher the better.

Are you afraid of falling down on the runway?
No. Not at all.

Have you ever?
I have, but nobody caught it, I think.

Have you ever fallen in high heels on, say, a night out?
Of course, everybody’s fallen.

What happened?
There were a couple times I fell down the stairs. A lot of times.

Kanye West is here tonight. Have you met him?
Yeah! He’s the one who told me to come here. I didn’t even know what the party was for, he just told me to come to this address for a party he’s hosting.

Did he text you?
Yeah. We text every once in a while. I actually texted him first. I heard it was his birthday last week. So I was like, “Hey, happy birthday!” And he was like, “Come to this party I’m hosting on … ” What’s the day today?

Chanel Iman Falls Down Sometimes, Texts Kanye West