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Dear Drew Barrymore: Save Yourself

Dearest Drew,

We understand where you were going with this outfit. For it was not necessarily ill-conceived, just poorly executed. The attempt at layering is not unlike the styling seen in many a Marc by Marc Jacobs show. But sadly, you’ve gone horribly wrong with the proportions. The oversize dress looks like a badly fitted wearable towel, completely sapping you of your shape. The T-shirt looks like a garbage bag. And the boots, oh the boots! You’re not going to Iraq, you’re walking down the street in L.A. Let the ankles breathe. And as a general rule, when you get dressed in the morning, if you look in the mirror and do a double take to make sure you’re staring at yourself and not a picnic mat, maybe change.

Reliving the nineties grunge movement is great. But this is not the way.

Love always,

The Cut

Dear Drew Barrymore: Save Yourself