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Has the Fashion Community Wrongly Paid More Attention to Kanye West Than to Justin Timberlake?

God bless Justin Timberlake. Though every celebrity and their unborn child is tweeting, he still enjoys the vintage thrills of blogging. Now, Justin’s blog had flown under our radar until a recent post of his about his favorite street-style blogs made the rounds on the Internet today. Kanye West has admittedly sated much of the blogosphere’s appetite for the musings of male musical artists, the Cut’s being no exception. But consider that for a moment. What does Kanye have on Justin? Both have clothing lines, both are stylish, both have eye-catching girlfriends. Has the fashion community unfairly placed more significance on Kanye’s Internet presence than Justin’s? To answer that question, we’ve created an index to assess the merits of each.

Kanye: Enjoys wearing pieces of marching-band uniforms; carries his Louis Vuitton monogramoflage bag almost everywhere; always keeps facial hair under control; loves Balmain T-shirts.
Justin: Wears questionable hats when trying to be incognito, including beanie and plaid newsboy styles; has a fondness for long silver necklaces; appreciates a well-tailored three-piece suit; sometimes too lazy to shave.
Winner: Kanye. Beanies and unkempt facial hair only make a person look homeless.

Kanye: Wears sunglasses at night; used to wear clear, thick-rimmed glasses in his nerd-chic style phase.
Justin: Wears thick-rimmed glasses on occasion.
Winner: Kanye. Justin should have realized the nerd-chic ship filled with guys who wear glasses for style rather than necessity has sailed.

Kanye: Has been dating Amber Rose since February Fashion Week. Amber’s many, brilliantly hued leggings have yet to disappoint.
Justin: Has been dating Jessica Biel for about two years. Biel has struggled to define her style and become a fashion star.
Winner: Kanye. Well, obviously.

Kanye: Has spent many moons hyping his sneaker range for Louis Vuitton and his own clothing line, both of which we’ve seen so little of, we almost don’t believe they’re happening.
Justin: Fronts but does not profess to design the William Rast label, which sells well. Anna Wintour attended his Fashion Week show.
Winner: Justin. Mostly because he gives so much credit to his design team, which most celebrities with fashion lines don’t bother to do.

Kanye: Sits on the front row of countless fashion shows, yet some of those designers, including Vivienne Westwood, don’t even know who he is.
Justin: Co-chaired the Met gala along with Marc Jacobs and Kate Moss. Stays off the front rows.
Winner: Justin. Co-chairing the Met gala is the ultimate industry honor.

Kanye: Enjoys all caps all the time; has possibly single-handedly devalued the exclamation point and the question mark by overuse.
Justin: Uses proper punctuation and grammar.
Winner: Kanye. His in-your-face style and run-on sentences are impossible to ignore.

Kanye: Uses lots of color, like hot pink, on the homepage. Obnoxiously inserts “WHERE ARE YOU YEEZY???” talk bubbles on posts about ladies he finds foxy.
Justin: Simple, with few colors, yet the pages load so slowly you’d think it’s the year 2000. The most eye-catching thing about his blog page is, arguably, the little animated box of his face in the top-right corner under the heading “Latest Status” that reads “Ever feel bloated?”
Winner: Kanye. The “Ever feel bloated?” thing is inexcusable. If Justin wants to be immature, he may as well go all out.

Kanye: 5
Justin: 2

Whew! We haven’t been wasting our energy on Kanye. But we’ll add Justin’s blog to our RSS, so he won’t go home empty-handed.

STYLE ON THE BRAIN [Justin Timberlake via People]
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Has the Fashion Community Wrongly Paid More Attention to Kanye West Than to Justin Timberlake?