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Kate Moss’s Vintage Scent; Steve-O Stamps His Sobriety

• Kate Hudson’s sticking with her brunette locks. [Beauty Department/Glamour]

• Kate Gosselin — she of eight children and a cheating husband — has a short new do that slightly resembles Barbara Streisand’s, Rosie O’Donnell’s, and Adam Lambert’s. “We knew we’d seen this coif before, and not just on lesbians,” says the Daily Beast. We’re not sure we’re convinced. [Daily Beast]

• Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, Blake Lively, and Rihanna have all been spotted sporting electric-blue eyeliner. Trend alert? We sort of hope not. [Beauty Department/Glamour]

Kate Moss is releasing a new, “fruity, floriental” scent, called “Vintage,” in September. Because just dressing like her is so last year. [WWD]

Viktor & Rolf are releasing a new women’s perfume this July. Details on the scent are still “under wraps,” though not as under wraps as the duo’s 1997 “fragrance,” a fake perfume (just colored water) in a bottle that didn’t open. [WWD]

• Klubwasser (German for “Club Water”), the debut perfume from Austrian brand WienerBlut, has hit chic shop Colette in Paris. [Now Smell This]

• Steve-O is reportedly marking his decision to sober up by inking a new tat on his back shoulder. The Jackass, recently eliminated from Dancing With the Stars, was spotted at Shamrock Tattoo on Sunset Boulevard. [NYP]

• Bobbi Brown is releasing the Illuminating Bronze Collection, a set of new tanning products, in time for summer. [Spoiled Pretty]

Kate Moss’s Vintage Scent; Steve-O Stamps His Sobriety