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The Fake Louboutin Saga Continues

Yesterday we confirmed that the red-soled shoes on were not real Christian Louboutins, but fakes, which was pretty clear from looking at pictures of the goods. A Cut reader inquired directly with about the authenticity of the goods, and someone wrote her back admitting their shoes were fakes. But they claimed the quality was just as good as the real shoes and that they even come in real Louboutin boxes!

Thanks for your leave message on website :

Our Christian Louboutin Shoes are superior replicas, but they are with a top quality, near to the real shoes, with original packages ,dust bag and original boxes, and they are brand new, never used.

Our shoes are for discounting now, so the prices are very cheap and good. Don’t lose a good chance from us, other people got shoes from us already, they told us they loved our shoes very much.

So i suggest you to order one pair first, when you receive shoes from us, like the quality, you can order more from us again, what is your opinion about it ?

Take your time to website :, for any questions, don’t hesitate to put forward .

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The Fake Louboutin Saga Continues