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We Love … Carol Brodie

Former jewelry publicist Carol Brodie is launching her own line of gems, called Rarities, this weekend on HSN. And the prices are unbelievable. We’re hooked on the jewels, and here are five reasons why.

1. They look like Harry Winston, feel like Cartier, are as classic as Tiffany, but cost less than a weekly stop at Whole Foods.
2. The rocks are big and the colors are bold — fabulous for making a super-statement.
3. Most have coordinating pieces, so you can collect the “crown jewels” over time.
4. She knows her stones and is passionate about jewels.
5. Carol is adding new pieces every month.

$89-$999 at HSN.com.

The Rio Collection: Checkerboard lilac, olive, and smokey-quartz rings and pendants set in ten-karat gold, $299 each.Photo: Courtesy of Carol Brodie

We Love … Carol Brodie