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Ciara Now Has a Pixie Cut; What Not to Wear Has a New Hairstylist

• Ciara chopped her hair off. She informed the world of this drastic style change with several tweets and tweeted pics. Is everyone trying to become Rihanna these days? [Style Watch/People]

• Nick Arrojo is out on TLC’s What Not to Wear. In an effort to keep the show “fresh,” celebrity hairstylist and television veteran Ted Gibson will replace him. [WWD]

• The NARS Fall 2009 collection is now available, and includes an enticing red lip shade called Fast Ride. [Beauty Department/Glamour]

• This exhibit in Brooklyn sponsored by Cabinet magazine may interest you: “For her installation at Cabinet, Nadia Wagner will be bombing the building with Evernyl, a scent that is much stranger and more persistent than the landlord has been led to expect.” [Now Smell This]

• See yourself with a new nose before going under the knife. A site called Face Touch Up allows you to upload your own photo, change the shape of your nose and compare the before and after images. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• A woman did thousands of dollars worth of damage to her face by injecting her lips and cheeks with cheap silicone-based personal lubricant she purchased online. [Jezebel]

Ciara Now Has a Pixie Cut; What Not to Wear Has a New Hairstylist