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Beyoncé’s Launching a Sasha Fierce Clothing Line

Beyoncé and her mother, Tina Knowles, have noticed something: The words “House of Deréon” don’t mean anything to potential customers. (It sounds made-up and insignificant, but according to Wikipedia, the name Deréon comes from Beyoncé’s grandmother Agnèz Deréon, who worked as a seamstress.) “Sasha Fierce,” however, resonates with young (possibly misguided) girls who might buy Beyoncé and Tina’s clothes. So they’re launching a new line for back-to-school called Sasha Fierce, inspired by Beyoncé’s stage presence. Tina describes the collection as a reinterpretation of Beyoncé’s Thierry Mugler costumes.

However, conceptually the collection differs greatly from Sasha Fierce’s stage costumes in that the clothes are “subdued” to draw attention to the accessories. They include:

… a one-shoulder dress, black bodysuit, fake leather jacket with oversize collar, leggings, and destructed jeans with mesh and lace details lining the ripped material.

Emphasis ours, because nothing’s sure to wow an eleventh-grader’s love interests — and teachers — like Beyoncé’s signature black bodysuit, which is the only outfit that can take a girl from second period to triathlon practice to a bank robbery. Tina describes the accessories as “really over-the-top.” They include the usual shades, chains, and shoes, all as oversize, embellished, and metallic as possible. It all sounds perfect, except the merchandise list lacks two key elements: the metal glove and the money fan.

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Beyoncé’s Launching a Sasha Fierce Clothing Line