Jewelry Heist at Capsule Event

We’ve just heard from Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons designer Derrick Cruz that a solid eighteen-karat-gold honeycomb pendant was stolen out of a display case last night at the Bblessing (Capsule) event on the Lower East Side. The $4,500 one-of-a-kind piece features a hunk of honeycomb cast directly in gold and strung on a leather cord. It was part of his upcoming spring 2010 collection, ironically titled “Theft of Light.” And there’s a mysterious suspect!

Cruz describes:

“I left [the event] for my studio on Rivington and Essex to meet up with a suited local gentleman who wanted to purchase my Cottonmouth bolo to use as a belt buckle — he’d dropped by the show twice the day before inquiring about the work. My intern then left for a few minutes to get us water … Well, the man never showed up at my studio for the transaction. Turns out before the show officially opened he was at the space looking at the case. He’s our only suspect.”

Intrigue! If you see a suited gent sporting a substantial honeycomb pendant on the Lower East Side this weekend, you know what to do.


Jewelry Heist at Capsule Event