Frances Tulk-Hart Loves the Tomboy Look

Following stints as a design intern for Oscar de la Renta, Betsey Johnson, and Sally Penn, British-born Frances Tulk-Hart landed an internship at Nylon magazine and discovered the world of styling. After several years as the mag’s contributing fashion editor, she tried her hand at photography. While Tulk-Hart still styles (she just wrapped a story for Purple magazine), she now shoots the Tsesay ad campaigns as well as editorials for Japanese Vogue, the New York Times, and Common & Sense magazine. We sat down with the multi-talented Tulk-Hart to discuss her love of the tomboy look, a longing for Celine’s latest resort collection, and her inability to properly tie shoelaces.

What’s the inspiration behind your own look?
At the moment its Emma Balfour, Rosemary Ferguson, and Kate Moss circa 1997.

What was the first designer item you bought or wore?
It was a sheer, tight, black knee-length Alessandro Dell’ Acqua dress back when I was 17. I wonder where it is now — it was so sexy; I would love to wear that again!

Who were some of your favorite designers growing up? What about now?
Growing up, I loved romantic designers like Alberta Ferretti and the sexy simplicity of Hussein Chalayan. These days, with my current regression back to grunge, I’m drawn to designers like Martin Margiela and Maria Cornejo.

Tell me about your personal style. What pieces or labels do you wear most?
My personal style is to mix and match. I like to pair a pretty dress with a pair of messed-up army boots! Or vintage with designer. I wear a lot of Tsesay, YSL, and Karen Walker.

What are some items you can’t live without?
Gray army boots, sunscreen, and mascara.

Where do you shop most?
Sample sales.

Is there an item you are currently coveting?
I am coveting the entire Celine resort 2010 collection: gorgeous.

What trends are you into this season?
I’m loving the tomboy trend for women. Teen Vogue has an awesome “girl dressed like a boy” shoot in the issue out right now — it’s super cute.

Any trends you wish would just disappear?
All velour tracksuits need to be rounded up and burnt! I don’t care how comfortable they are, they are the downfall of the modern woman! Oh, and all Uggs should be nuked.

What’s something every woman should have in her closet?
A go-to piece for when they are in a rush and don’t have time to put an outfit together.

Finish this sentence: I never leave the house without….
Tying my shoeslaces properly! I’ve got so many scars on my knees from falling over because of untied shoelaces.

Frances Tulk-Hart Loves the Tomboy Look