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Isaac Mizrahi Heads to QVC for New Show

Isaac Mizrahi’s going on TV. No, we don’t mean the little-watched The Fashion Show. The designer is going on, wait for it … QVC. Once the domain of cubic zirconia and spatulas, the cable channel is now home to a hybrid show featuring Isaac that’s part reality TV, part talk show, and part sales. If you’re wondering if this is genius, or thinking “What the hell?” you’re not alone.

This little venture came about because of Isaac’s personality, which, we can attest, is entertaining and pretty much what you see on camera. “We were just sitting there watching him talk, thinking, ‘My God! On air, you are going to resonate so strongly with our consumers!’” Doug Howe, chief merchandising officer of QVC says. So QVC execs decided he’d be a gold mine, and, as they recently saw a 10 percent drop in their first-quarter sales, they’re trying to think outside the box.

And Mizrahi, who of late has seen a resurgence in his popularity, thanks to his lines at Target, Liz Claiborne, his own higher-end line, and his variety of TV work (Bravo, Food Network), is only extending his brand. But is it too much? At what point is it overexposure? “I think we are being strategic about the brand and its channels of distribution,” says business partner Marisa Gardini. Glad that’s settled! Besides, Isaac gets to cook on this one. And who wouldn’t want a cheesecake by him? See, people, fashion and carbs do go together.

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Isaac Mizrahi Heads to QVC for New Show