Jacquetta Wheeler May Have Had Swine Flu!


Jacquetta Wheeler just started blogging for British Vogue, which truly warms our hearts. Two days in, she’s already got four posts up — and they don’t sound like a by-product of not having any modeling jobs, many of which she’s already blogged about. Jacquetta must simply possess a love for blogs and blogging. Knowing that she may be the last model or celebrity to choose the extra effort required for blogging over tweeting brings a tear to our eye. Our new blog-sister writes that after she landed the fall Gucci campaign, lots of other work followed. As well as a bout with a horrible illness:

In May I think I was one of the first people to get swine flu. I was in Singapore for a two-day job when I came down with severe exhaustion, a terrible cough and bad headaches.

Job done, I flew back to London, arrived in the morning and went straight to see my doctor. She didn’t test me for the disease — she’s one of those proper old school “buck up” kind of doctors … “

The team were sweet and rushed to cover me up in huge blankets in between shots, but my god was it cold. We were on a beach, it was three degrees centigrade, with sharp winds, and I was wearing skimpy tops. Those shoots are tough at the best of times; with flu, quite honestly, it was hell … one of the few occasions I really thought “I deserve every bloody penny I make from this job.”

Well at least she is prepared for the rigors of blogging. We’ve spent hours on rocky beaches in the Galápagos after grueling sea-sickness-inducing boat rides, forced to wear only cashmere sweaters, bathing-suit bottoms, and Nina Ricci fall 2009 heels. We walked away with unsightly turtleneck- and laptop-tan lines, scraped knees, and bug bites the size of quarters. But at least we delivered the news, took a vacation, and looked ridiculous doing it.* Godspeed, Jacquetta.

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*Obviously, none of this ever happened.

Jacquetta Wheeler May Have Had Swine Flu!