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Kanye’s Louis Vuitton Sneakers Have Already Sold Out

This is the Jasper.

Rumor had it the launch of Kanye West’s Louis Vuitton sneaker line would be pushed back until the end of the year. But it turns out they actually hit stores today. Not that it matters, because if you haven’t already secured your pair, you can’t get them! We’d hold your hands if we could. A salesperson at the Louis Vuitton store on Greene Street said people have been calling about the shoes since January and the waiting lists are full. If you really, really, really, really want a pair you can sign up for a “wish list,” in case some become available. But the chances of that happening are about as likely as hell freezing over, grass turning blue, or Anna Wintour rocking Amber Rose’s signature do.

However, if you’re not completely emotionally crippled by this news, If It’s Hip, It’s Here has more details on the shoes, including names and exact prices. The Mr. Hudson costs $840, while the Jasper goes for $990 to $1,140. And the Don goes for $870 to $960.

Kanye’s Kicks For Louis Vuitton- The Styles & The Prices & ALL The pics! [If It’s Hip, It’s Here, via Racked]

Kanye’s Louis Vuitton Sneakers Have Already Sold Out