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Let’s Talk About Onesies

Rompers have been trying to come back for a few years now. As have jumpsuits. (Collectively we’ll term them “playsuits.”) We’ve never supported the trend because they don’t look good on 99.9999999999999 percent of the population. Only tall model-y girls pull them off truly well. Those who aren’t at least 5’$2 9” and twiggy often look shorter, thicker, and worst of all, infantile, as Double X reminds us today. Because playsuits were created, let’s not forget, for toddlers who needed roomy clothes to romp around in. And though they first surfaced in the early twentieth century, onesies are still worn mostly by toddlers, despite the fashion industry’s puzzling, unrelenting efforts to dress stylish grown women in them. And yet another problem with playsuits: Peeing becomes a complicated ordeal that requires getting basically naked. Who has time for that? Furthermore, when retailers try to get creative with them, some really, really atrocious things come out, as you see above.

Jessica Grose went on a quest to find a cute romper for her piece on Double X. And she does select a decent one by Alice + Olivia. However the fabric in the crotch area is so discreet the garment looks essentially like a dress. Why not buy the dress? Why didn’t Alice + Olivia make it a dress in the first place?

So tell us: How do playsuits make you feel? Are you addicted? Terrified? Has the Forever 21 zebra jumpsuit pictured here prompted you to call the therapist you haven’t seen in two years? Are you going to wear the best onesie ever to your Fourth of July party on Saturday? All thoughts welcome in the comments!

Speaking of Saturday, we are off tomorrow for the holiday weekend and will return to our regular posting schedule on Monday. Wear a onesie if you so desire but we urge you to avoid any and all American-flag apparel.

The Romper Craze: Why Grown Women Dress Like Toddlers [Double X]

Let’s Talk About Onesies