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Might Daria Werbowy Retire?

When Daria Werbowy started modeling, she went through eight months of rejection in New York, Paris, London, and Greece. She was ready to quit, but her dad encouraged her to give it another shot, since she had hoped to raise money for art school. So she returned to New York, landed a Prada exclusive, and fervent demand for her hasn’t stopped since. She pulls in an estimated $1 million from her Lancôme contract alone, which she signed in 2004. That has enabled her to scale back her schedule, which she has no complaints about. She just took three months off to sail across the Atlantic with her family. She tells the Telegraph they saw whales and dolphins and went through storms and it was amazing! Naturally the whales prompted her to think about her life in an existential way.

I’m asking more questions about life in general. It’s like, “Oh my God, there’s a whole world of things to learn about.” So I’m just taking it easy.’ She’s considering studying philosophy or psychology and has also been spending a lot of time in her New York flat, painting and sculpting. ‘Whether that’ll ever evolve into anything I don’t know. I’m still trying to search for what will be next.’ Although she won’t say what’s in the pipeline, the work offers keep flooding in. Does she ever ask her agency to back off? ‘I… they just sort of… Yeah, I tell them that a lot, actually,’ she says, laughing. ‘I shouldn’t lie.’

Werbowy also wants kids. And when she has those kids, she wants to take them sailing “for the first three years.” So might she give up her fabulous glamorous life for something more normal in the near future? We hope not, but you never know.

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Might Daria Werbowy Retire?