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PR Girls Who Don’t Know Where Darfur Is Bask in Brüno Press Blitz

Nicole and Suzie DeFosset are twin sisters who run a PR firm in L.A. One day they took a meeting with someone described as a European personality who wanted to gain visibility in the U.S. and currently worked for German Television 1. Feigning interest in their services, he came into their office with a video camera and asked what charities are hot right now. They said, “Darfur.” He asked where Darfur is. They didn’t know. Nor did they realize the person interviewing them was a fictional character played by Sacha Baron Cohen. “We know Ali G and we know Borat, we’re huge fans. But Brüno, we didn’t recognize him at all,” they told BlackBook. They didn’t figure out they’d been had until eleven months later, when a friend of theirs saw the movie and told them they were in it. “And we didn’t think anything of it. We were like, what’s Brüno? And he was like, It’s Sacha Baron Cohen’s new movie. And we were like, what?”

The ladies made the final cut and even appear in promos. Their reaction to the movie?

We just saw the movie and thought it was hilarious and Brüno is a comedic genius. We were directed on playing up the blonde roll (sic) and they definitely captured those parts! Like all reality shows it was cleverly edited and we are excited to be apart (sic) of a successful film.

But will all this publicity help or hurt their business? Someone will probably offer them a reality show because, all too often, to our great dismay, that’s how life works. And Jessica Simpson’s image crisis has left a void in culture, somewhere.

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PR Girls Who Don’t Know Where Darfur Is Bask in Brüno Press Blitz