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Project Runway Is Planning an All-star Challenge

Is it just us, or are they more … intense?

Lifetime fought hard for Project Runway, and they’re going to max out on that show if it kills them, or maybe us first. Not content to just air the sixth season of the show starting August 20, the network is reportedly getting past Project Runway contestants together for an “all stars” edition, to air a week or two before season six begins. The cast will reportedly include Chris March, Jeffrey Sebelia, Michael Knight, Daniel Vosovic, Santino Rice, Kenley Collins, Sweet P, Korto Momolu, and possibly more. (Christian Siriano, Rami Kashou, Jack Mackenroth, Kit Pistol, and Laura Bennett reportedly turned down the opportunity to stay up all night stapling M&M wrappers together to make dresses for the cameras again. Go figure.)

Lifetime is already planning a Runway spinoff called Models of the Runway, which will air immediately after Project Runway and focus on the sixteen models competing for the chance to be in Marie Claire. So it could be like watching the same show two times in a row, which sounds about as exciting as watching an entire baseball game while waiting to renew your driver’s license at the DMV, having left your cell phone at home. Most viewers are probably happy to see Runway return to the airwaves, but we don’t want to OD on it. We’ve already lost “Poker Face.” We don’t want to lose this too.

Models of the Runway: Lifetime’s Project Runway spin-off [Sassybella]

Project Runway Is Planning an All-star Challenge