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120 Bracelets, Rings, and Necklaces You’ll Covet

Hunting for that perfect piece of jewelry can be a time-consuming ordeal. Either you’re bargaining with vendors on the crowded streets of Soho or you’re rifling through racks of necklaces that are missing rhinestones. To save you all that hassle, we hunted down 120 of our favorite pieces for our latest Shop-A-Matic, with 50 options that are $100 or less. Looking for a statement-making bib necklace or an eye-catching cocktail ring? Or perhaps delicately wired gold pieces more your speed? Either way, we have you covered with covetable pieces that will keep you perfectly accessorized year-round.

Check out our top five picks.

Siren Knuckle Rings by Made Her Think
Price: $66
Why We Like It: Tough knuckle rings get a feminine spin with rhinestone accents.

Snake Studs
Price: $12
Why We Like It: Delicate posts often get overlooked in lieu of flashier chandeliers, but these slithery studs look equally fetching peeking out of tresses.

Agate Cuff by A.V. Max
Price: $68
Why We Like It: A sliver of agate adds a vibrant burst of blue to an already bold gold cuff, making it the only accessory necessary to highlight a summer sundress.

Fireworks Necklace
Price: $38
Why We Like It: Cinched floral chiffon and satin tufts instead of gems take a bib necklace from flashy to subtle and sweet.

Coral Branch Ring by Alexis Bittar
Price: $150
Why We Like It: Winding coral makes for a bright and eye-catching alternative to a traditional center stone on this cocktail ring. Plus the light scattering of rhinestones adds just the right hint of shimmer.

120 Bracelets, Rings, and Necklaces You’ll Covet