Fishy Things Are Happening With the Fashion Meets Finance RSVP List

Last night we got a curious e-mail from fashion publicist Jennifer Goldszer, who had suffered terrible embarrassment by way of the Fashion Meets Finance RSVP list. Goldszer did not RSVP for the event, but, since one must separate their friends from their douchey friends, checked the list to see if she knew anyone who intended not only to go, but wanted to broadcast this plan to the entire Internet. And what did she find? A picture of herself. Embarrassing! There sat her gorgeous smiling face next the name Shelley Abrahmson, a “location scout” for American Apparel.

The photo, Goldszer suspects, was ripped from Facebook. Anyone can post anything on the RSVP list, so Shelley Abrahmson may not even be a real person to begin with. It seems lots of shady characters post lots of shady things on this list. For instance, some who work in marketing at banks — and are not technically bankers and therefore do not qualify as the “finance” types whom the “fashion” types are supposed to meet like for their money — are inflating their salaries and lying about their positions. Which means many in the alleged finance contingent listed online are faking careers in finance — a level of meta-douchiness seldom witnessed.

So the “finance” men lie about their salaries, while the “fashion” women lie about what they look like, thus reinforcing the foundation of this stellar event. I.D.’s and business cards will be checked at the door, so come party time, attendees can be certain those scare quotes won’t be necessary.

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Fishy Things Are Happening With the Fashion Meets Finance RSVP List