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Erin Wasson to Stage Giant Show in Tents for 1,100 People

Admirer of the homeless Erin Wasson has confirmed rumors she’ll show her spring 2010 RVCA line in the Tent in Bryant Park. She’ll also have a multimedia installation and a performance by a live band, which has not been revealed. Though she may have spent “hours” at the tents as a model, she doesn’t seem like a tent-y sort of designer. The clothes she designs (and wears, in fact) are too hipster, too frayed, too unclean-looking for the backdrop of a prim white tent in midtown to do them justice. Two seasons ago, Erin showed her debut RVCA line in a tiny walk-up on the Lower East Side, where she actually served guests tacos on a sweaty crowded patio out back. Last season she expanded and showed at Milk Studios. She seemed like a shoe-in for Milk again this season since it’s holding its own cool downtown Fashion Week separate from the tents. But alas, she’s chosen midtown with a prime 8 p.m. time and 1,100 seats to fill. Does this mean she’s not cool anymore? According to her, no.

“I mean, it’s almost too predictable to do something ‘cool’ in, like, an abandoned warehouse. Cool can happen anywhere. It’s a state of mind. That’s the essence of the Erin Wasson x RVCA brand, and there’s no reason not to follow that logic onto the runway.”

Well, if not being cool is the new cool, we expect her next collaboration to be with Vineyard Vines.

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Erin Wasson to Stage Giant Show in Tents for 1,100 People