Eva and Gentry Dayton Rock His and Hers Jewels

For over a decade, Butter by Eva Gentry (formally known as Butter) has been outfitting Boerum Hill residents in classically chic, neutral-colored clothing from designers like Martin Margiela, Helmut Lang, and the Row. With nary a bright hue in sight, Eva and Gentry Dayton stock only their favorite designers, and pieces they would wear themselves, in the sleek and minimal Brooklyn space. We sat down with the stylish couple to talk about their love of jewelry, the standout items in stock for fall, and a mutual longing for old vehicles.

What’s the concept and look of Butter by Eva Gentry?
Gentry: Eva likes everything white, clean, and minimal. I tend to have a darker sensibility and like to have a lot of leather laying around. We end up somewhere in the middle. Our store aesthetic is the same as our home. When one changes, the other will follow soon after.

How do you decide what to stock in the store?
Eva: We only buy what we love and wear ourselves.

What type of person shops at the store?
Eva: Mostly creative types. Many of our customers have been following the store since we opened in 1999.

Describe some of your favorite pieces that will be in stock this season.
Eva: I love my Martin Margiela boots. They have the best heel and they will go from day to night without even blinking an eye.
Gentry: Any accessory by MA+. I love their boots, wallets, and belts.

What was the first designer item you each remember wearing?
Eva: A Chloé handbag.
Gentry: A pair of Italian boots.

Who were some of your favorite designers growing up?
Eva: We both had a very clean and simple style growing up. Jeans and T-shirts, mostly ones by Calvin Klein.

Who are your style icons?
Eva: Madonna.
Gentry: Anyone who rode a motorcycle in the seventies.

What pieces or labels do you each wear most?
Eva: Martin Margiela, Rick Owens, Helmut Lang.
Gentry: MA+ or Guidi boots and a leather jacket.

Where do you shop most in NYC (other than your own store)?
Eva: Assembly New York on Ludlow Street.
Gentry: Motorcycle Federation in Greenwich Village.

Is there an item you are currently saving up to buy?
Eva: A 1965 white convertible Mustang.
Gentry: A 1949 Harley Chopper.

Any trends you like this season?
Eva: We feel most of our designers have a lot of freedom, and we appreciate each label’s own aesthetic.
Gentry: Something sexy and something leather.

What should everyone have in their closet?
Eva: Every woman needs something that makes her feel sexy.
Gentry: Every man needs a great pair of boots.

Finish this sentence: I never leave home without …
Eva: Gold, diamonds, and something by Margiela.
Gentry: A lot of jewelry and a motorcycle helmet.

Eva and Gentry Dayton Rock His and Hers Jewels